We offer a ROI of at least 2000% with our online forms alone!

A practice website is one of your most powerful tools to generate profit for a practice. Every practice site should have online registration forms so that new clients can register with the practice in the comfort of their homes at any time of the day or night.

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Offering a financial incentive is the best way to encourage new clients as used so successfully in many of Vetwebsites’ online forms.

Your practice website needs to rank well to be found by prospective new clients and once they are on your site, it needs to be attractive and interesting enough for them to stay. The register online button is a definite ‘Call to Action’ button and it needs to be obvious and appear on each page of the website.

Vetwebsites did a survey of their practices and found that each new pet registering at a practice was worth £200/year/pet in Cornwall and the Midlands, and slightly more at £220-£250/year/pet in the London area.

Each practice appears to attract on average 10 – 20 new clients a month with their online registration forms with each client registering on average 1.4 pets.

To calculate the Return on Investment of these forms –

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment)
Cost of Investment

With an average of 14 new pets registering each month and each pet worth at least £200 per year to the practice with Vetwebsites’ most popular maintenance fee set at £115/month, this offers a return on investment of:

ROI = (2800 – 115)
______________________________ = 2335%!!!



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