What does it mean to have an ineffective practice website?


Your biggest worry with an ineffective website is that your practice, business and livelihood is not receiving the best exposure possible and new clients are registering with the new corporate down the road!

The aim of any practice website is to gain new clients through the online registration forms, get current clients to make appointments easily and quickly, and register their insured pets with your practice pet health plan.

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If you are stuck with an ineffective practice website; you will not achieve these goals.

What is an ineffective practice website?


iconOne that does not rank highly with Google and still remains non mobile responsive ie it is difficult for clients to gain any information when using their smartphones, so they immediately move to the next practice on the Google list.

In design terms, this is called having a very high bounce rate and Google will rank your site negatively.

iconYou have been to the local design firm in your town and have a new expensive practice site with all the bells and whistles.

Your very capable Practice Manager has been shown how to make any changes to the site, but she has just handed in her notice and you have no idea how to update the site with all the latest offers at the practice.

A site that remains stagnant is as bad as a site that is non-responsive. With social media, clients expect latest information on your practice website.

iconYou and your dedicated team have worked hard on social media to promote the practice and have a very good local following with more and more likes on most of your posts.

Your social media is not integrated fully in your website with no reciprocal links from your website to your practice Facebook page and vice versa.

iconAn ineffective website does not have visible and easily accessible “call to action” buttons.

Clients visiting your site need to be guided in their actions and having bright, large visible buttons to make it easy for your clients to ring the practice directly or register their 6 pets online and join your pet health plan is vital!

iconClients can see when a site appears too ‘corporate’ ie lacks the warmth and personal touch of an independent practice that is built upon the vets that run it, not the corporate image.

There may not be any or enough personal photos of the practice, updated information about your loyal staff, or case studies particular to your practice that highlight the work you do and your qualified team.

iconOut of loyalty to your staff, you have allowed your new vet’s boyfriend to design and maintain your site.

You have noticed a number of grammatical errors in the latest news Blog posts that make your new flashy practice website appear unprofessional.

iconYou have chosen a reputable american design firm to build and maintain your site – be aware that all the spelling will be american and all the latest news will be relevant to american clients – all of these will impact negatively on your Google rankings and client satisfaction.

iconIf even just one of the above worry you and explain why there have been fewer than normal online registrations, let us help you!

Arielle MRCVS

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